Podcast – Damn My Vagina – Episode 1 – What’s In A Name

What's In A Name? Damn My Vagina

Life is challenging for a woman. Host Michelle Patterson ventures into a personal journey of life as a woman in this episode by discussing workplace follies, my blunders and proverbial societal failures as a daughter, and why names are important. If you are a woman who is sick and tired of having society tell you that you are unworthy because of your vagina, this show is for you! — This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/damnmyvagina/support

Published by Michelle

I'm just a girl named Michelle writing to ask the world to fall in love with me. Just kidding. Sorta. My name really is Michelle and I believe in using movie quotes to my advantage in life. The same can be said about Friends quotes. Inevitably I will say something to offend you. That is life. That is also what happens when people have opinions that even remotely differs from what someone else feels is correct. In a world full of chaos right now I hope to bring some brightness into your life. Sometimes my posts will be serious, sometimes they will be humorous, and other times just plain weird. I will also post movie reviews, book reviews, and blog about any and all events I attend even if it takes me forever to gather my thoughts on some of them.

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